Why Are You Sick?

Why Are You Sick?

Practical Tools for Wellness


Are you tired of being told it's all in your head? And even though you feel awful, doctors are telling you there is nothing wrong with you?  You are not alone! For nearly a decade, Reiki Master Francie Soito, saw similar patterns in her clients who struggled to find the source of their problems. Using her high-tech market research skills, Francie began to draw patterns between physical illnesses and the emotional and mental root causes behind them. Join Francie as she illustrates the mind-body connection like never before and learn about your energy body, chakras and most importantly, gain the practical tools on how to be well and whole again.  


"Francie links her personal humbling experiences with clients’ success stories in a way that allows us readers to relate to her as an everyday person and yet elevates us to higher spiritual thinking.  While teaching the chakras in an easily digestible stepwise fashion, she paints clear images about her own healing sessions and gently introduces sample exercises that can rid us of hindrances and improve our health. The way Francie associates devastating clinical conditions with unbalanced chakras supports the undeniable concept of mind-over-matter that even I, a Western medical practitioner, cannot deny.”   - Adedotun Adewusi, MD 

“Francie takes you on a journey of understanding health, healing, and it’s connection to energy. As a Reiki Master Teacher Francie shares her depth of understanding of the human body as it relates to energy medicine. She includes healing physically and emotionally. You will discover multiple ways to deal with illness and dis-ease. This book won’t let you down if you want to explore the mind, body, and spirit connection.” - Leanne Thomas, Psychic Medium, angelichope.com 

“Whether someone is suffering health issues or simply uses the powerful universal energy to manifest what is possible for themselves, this practice is a must for a comprehensive success.”  - Sherry L. Chocholaty, DC - Chiropractic Kinesiologist 

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